Productive Venice

Streetscape Territories: Architectural Interventions for the Lido Waterfront, Venice, Italy
Master Dissertation Studio, Prof. Dr. Arch. Kris Scheerlinck

Engagement: Urban Cultures
Campus Brussels/Ghent

Streetscape Territories

Streetscape Territories is the name given to an international practice of research, design and teaching that is used as the academic framework to initiate, position, develop and discuss individual master dissertation projects (see previous projects:, in collaboration with a local network of academics, professionals and authorities.

The chosen context for the development of the master dissertations is Lido, in the Venice Lagoon (Italy). In this rather atypical island within the larger touristic area, alternative urban redevelopment scenarios are possible. Contrary to most of Venice Lagoon islands, Lido’s streetscapes are defined by traditional transport means (cars, buses, motorcycles, cycles here coincide with vaporetos, gondolas and ferries) and buildings have proper land footprints (the buildings are not standing in the lagoon), allowing alternative non-touristbased land uses. The studio starts from the idea that the lagoon needs higher levels of productivity (individual and shared working spaces, incubation centres, R&D centres, innovation centres etc), parallel to sustainable tourist developments, while dealing with global challenges like climate change. The architectural interventions will be developed within this new glo-cal context, rethinking Venice’s streetscapes.