Infrastructures under Transformation as Spaces of Collectivities. Glòries, Barcelona, Spain

Case-Study Glòries, Barcelona, Spain


Cities are manifestations of fluctuant dynamics with spatial qualities that aggregate and interact in time especially when infrastructure is under transformation[1]. This PhD‐research investigates their emerging unexpected qualities, and their capacity to change. What are the multiple spatial manifestations of collectives in the particular interactions with infrastructure in contemporary cities? How do collective spaces raise, and fluctuate when these elements are under transformation? How are their transitory spatial configurations linked to temporal human appropriations? How do material and immaterial forces come together through voices that are spatially localized?

Glòries Square (in Barcelona, Spain) is the case‐study. An infrastructure‐based open space, that once exposed a variety of emerging logics linked to a complex development process, is now turning into a formalized urban complex that simplifies, thus overwriting that variety. The case is experimentally explored through spatial (morphologic / material / programmatic / domain / territorial configurations); human (uses / appropriations / atmospheres) and symbolic (voices / engagement / discussions / imaginaries) compounds. The PhD-research aims to put these complex variables in deep interrelation to tackle the overlapping, unexpected, and fluctuant characters of urban space by means of studying collective spaces and infrastructures as extreme territorial entities; to contribute to contemporary discourses and design practices on urban elements, territorialities and conditions related to them.

[1] From the flux and management of people and goods both materially and immaterial, to an extended articulation of a variety of components ranging from viruses, language, to knowledge, power or meaning; the initial understanding of infrastructures is influenced by De Landa and Deleuze and Guattari in the sense of approaching them as materials-symbolic assemblages.