Informal and social practices of collective space
This project was part of research study of the Facultad de Artes Integradas, Arquitectura, Univ. de Ibague (Colombia) on the social and societal use of the Colombian city and its open spaces. It includes projects of urban design and territorial landscape. Especially the public and management of deprived public space is very important. It implies the investigation of the performance of activities of the public itself. Under pulse of the urban theory the research of everyday space becomes of a large importance. After the observation that the public field is frequently privatized and commercialized, the –for the Colombian cities so important- informal practices (citizens of the neighborhood, places for festivities, local sellers, homeless people,) bring solace as new hope on democratically gained public field. The public space offers, in its accessibility and usability, a real potential for everyday operations.

Participants Yves Schoonjans & Jaime Fajardo (Universidad de Ibagué, Colombia), 2008.