Burak Pak, Professor, Dr. arch.

Burak’s research covers an interdisciplinary area between architecture and urban design, participation and digital spatial media. The two main and complementary focus points are exploring and enabling bottom-up participation {in} and {through} reflexive research and design practices.

After two years of professional architectural practice 2000-2002, he worked at the Istanbul Technical University as a design consultant and research associate. As an adjunct researcher in ITU Faculty of Architecture, he was actively involved in design studios and visualization courses. He attended to architectural competitions and worked freelance for architectural offices such as Kisho Kurokawa, Doğan Tekeli – Sami Sisa.

After being employed as a member of the founding committee and lecturer in the ITU Information Technologies in Design Graduate Programfor five years. He continued his research for 12 months as a Visiting Assistant Professor in Texas A & M University VIZlab and later, in Carnegie Mellon University, Computational Design Lab.

Burak has completed his PhD thesis in Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture. He was co-advised by Professor Arzu Erdem (ITU) and Professor Ömer Akın (Carnegie Mellon University). His thesis involved a comparison of “Design Activities and Decisions in Conventional and Computer Aided Architectural Design Processes”.

In January 2009, he received a three-year research grant from the Brussels Regional Government to work as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, KU Leuven (University) on a research project about “Analysis and Evaluation of Alternative Urban Projects for the Brussels-Capital Region” ( Link of the Research Program).

He is currently teaching the Urban Design Studio (International Masters, Brussels Campus) and Design Studio (Masters, Urban and Spatial Planning) Courses at the KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture


Research Projects 

  • SWOT-Mobiel: Solidary Affordable Housing for the Houseless: A Mobile model in the Brussels Capital Region
  • INCUBATORS: JPI Urban Europe Three year Large Scale International Project – Living Labs in Brussels, London and Turin (co-promoter) Urban Europe is a joint project with University College London, Politecnico di Torino, Innovation Service Network GmbH, Neurovation, City of Torino, KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture
  • Three Year Postdoctoral Prospective Research Project Grant Brussels Capital Regional Government Research Grant for Accomplished Researchers “Analysis and Evaluation of Alternative Urban Development Projects for the Brussels Region”
  • Erasmus IP RE-public (ITU, Brandenburg University, KU Lueven, PoliTO)