23/01/2019: Research Group Meeting, campus Ghent (10:30)

18/02/2019: Research Group Meeting, campus Ghent (11:00)

11/03/2019: Research Group Meeting, campus Brussels (12:00)



29/01/2019: 36-month presentation Maarten Gheysen, campus Hoogstraat Ghent, Room 330 (10:00)

29/01/2019: 36-month presentation Johan Nielsen, campus Ghent, Room 02.11 (14:00)

30/01/2019: 9-month presentation Xavier Méndez, campus Ghent, Room 02.11 (16:00)



The research group is working on a series of seminars, ‘to the point’ topics will be tackled and discussed. Urgencies will be faced as opportunities.


04/03/2019: Seminar on infrastructures and collectivity, Barcelona.
In cooperation with ETSAB and UPC Barcelona