Streetscape Territories Notebooks
Revealing Privacy: Debating the Understandings of Privacy
Homenage a Manuel de Solà-Morales
The New Architect: Towards a Shared Authorship
Privacy and Depth Configurations
Metaphoric Voids and Sliced landscapes
Reptes i Oportunitats de la Densificació dels Teixits Urbans de Baixa Densitat
Depth Configurations. Proximity, Permeability and Territorial Boundaries in Urban Projects
Un Territorio Fronterizo
About Multiple Choice
Pisando Fuerte, in Proyecto Contract
Les Urbanitzacions a la Província de Barcelona
Published Spaces, Journal of Urbanism
Projectes per al port urbà de Badalona
Searching for the Ideal House or How to Rediscover The Existing
New Challenges for Architecture, Design and Urbanism
For a new intercultural Latin American
Storytelling as strategy to envision the changing meaning of heritage from an object-focused approach towards an intertwined contextual one
Challenges and Opportunities in the Formation of Design Professionals
The Nameless Local
The architect as mediator between the built heritage and the social construct
La Red Alfa en la Ciudad Universitaria de Bogotá - Reestructuración de la Educatión Superior con base en las Disciplinas Orientadas al Proyecto
Design process and space suitability
The Cuesta (ˈkwɛstə) of the Rupel Region
Readings on Architecture and Urban Culture in Latin America and Europe
Workshops on Architecture and Urban Culture in Latin America and Europe
Anemnesis' Task to Recollect the Old and reproduce the New