SEMINAR: Forms of Adaptations within Urban Markets in Emerging Cities
(For official call, see below)

Location: Faculty of Architecture, Campus Sint-Lucas Brussels
65-67, Paleizenstraat – 1030 Brussels | (Room – T20)

Date: 18 December 2018 |  09:30hrs – 17:30hrs

Markets are primeval urban elements of human settlements, providing emergent activities to occur in complex settings. They are public spaces with attributes of pluralities and collectivities in cities. Markets embody a large diversity of people, combined with multitude of exchanges of material flows in emerging cities, while serving as socio-economic and collective infrastructures for urban poor. The seminar aims to discuss and reveal the different degrees of adaptations, appropriations and spatial mechanisms within these markets.

Contributions are expected to address any of the following questions:

1. Besides flows of goods and services, what are the logics of territorial organization in urban markets in emerging cities?

2. How do these markets interact with the city? How are they connected to the surrounding urban fabric?

3. What is the meaning of the urban market place? (Market as arrival place, place for social encounter, economic places, transport hubs…?)

4. How are the transformation processes of the urban markets as shaped by material flows and development?

5. What are the current methods and approaches of urban market site readings from different perspectives and disciplines?

The seminar will contribute to the discourse on sustainable and resilient urban growth processes in rapidly urbanizing region(s) of the world. Contributions will lead to a peer-reviewed joint publication. Please email your contribution with subject line: Urban Market Seminar_KUL_Topic to vincent chukwuemeka

Deadline for submissions and registration: 07/Dec/2018


Prof. Dr. Kris Scheerlinck
Prof. Dr. Yves Schoonjans
Drs. Chukwuemeka Vincent Chukwuemeka
Drs. Matteo Paracchini
Drs. Arnout De Schryver


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