Date: Monday 4th March 2019
Location: Escuela Superior Técnica de Arquitectura de Barcelona, Universidad Politécnica de Barcelona, ETSAB-UPC, Barcelona, Spain

Laboratory of Urbanism of Barcelona – DUOT – UPC / Urban Projects, Collective Spaces and Local Identities – KU Leuven

This seminar is organized by the research groups to explore various approaches to study or design urban landscapes, focusing on infrastructures, specifically referring to streets, boulevards, highways, ports, bridges, tunnels and their connections or intersections, all operating at the intermediate scale, and their relation to collectivity. This seminar seeks to pronounce critical discourses related to the making of collectivity and collective spaces in a contemporary context.

Scientific Committee: Prof. Dr. Kris Scheerlinck, Prof. Dr. Yves Schoonjans, Arch. Dr. Erik van Daele, Drs. Cecilia Chiappini, KU Leuven,
Prof. Dr. Carles Crosas, Prof. Dr. Eulalia Gómez, Arch. Drs. Jorge Perea, LUB-DUOT-UPC