Large parts of the (West-) European territory have a dispersed character. The research cell all city/all land (AC/AL) explores the potentials and characteristics of dispersed configurations where land and city meet and collide.  Apart from reading and understanding the logic of dispersed urban structures current research conceptualised dispersion on a regional scale. However we know that the quality of dispersion is, to a large extend, determined by its small-scale elements. Yet we currently lack an attitude and vocabulary, both in design, management, politics… to address and value its complexity and diversity on the small scale, where the tensions land-city accumulate and where the balances, antagonisms and conflicts become specific. AC/AL uses small scale experiments to explore whether we should temporarily camp or permanently colonise the dispersed region and to reflect on how to use this dialogue to respond to contemporary challenges related to social inclusion, urban ecology, infrastructure, energy, mobility, new types of public space or fragile landscapes in transition


After four years of research by design AC/AL wants to discuss their projects and reflections on dispersion with colleagues, politicians, promoters, students… On Monday 13 05 AC/AL organises a seminar in the faculty of Architecture at 51 Hoogstraat Ghent from 14 – 19 hrs. Researchers and studio masters (Maarten Gheysen Steven Geeraert, Roeland Smits, Sis Pillen, Erik Van Daele and Bart Van Gassen) will present their perspectives and reflections by design on design challenges in dispersed contexts. Each of them invited a correspondent to start a collective, informal discussion.  We kindly invite you to this event and to take part in the discussion

AC/AL plans a publication on these contributions and discussions by October, combined with a discussion on the projects produced in the last four years in collaboration with the university of Aken, stadsregionale samenwerking Antwerp, Leiedal Kortrijk and the Eurometropole.



13 05 2019


13 30: arrival

14 00: Welcome (Erik Van Daele)



14 05: Shifting paradigms in urban constellations (Maarten Gheysen KUL, Leiedal)

14 20: Towards an engaged design practice (Bart Van Gassen KUL, Technum )

14 35: Designing a Cut-up dialogue (Erik Van Daele KUL+ Bruno Notteboom  KUL Recollecting landscapes)


Designing a new vocabulary

15 05: Dyslexia and agraphia ( Maarten Gheysen KUL, Leidal + Chiara Cavaliere UCL The horizontal metropolis)

15 35: Towards new built figures ( Roeland Smits, KUL ,Perifeer+ Gwen Vreven, director Home invest Brussels)


16 05 Break



16 20: Landscapes in transition (Sis Pillen KUL + Roeland Dudal,AWB, KUL)

16 50: Cities in transition: Kortrijk- Aken ( Bart, Steven + to be confirmed)



17 20 – 18 00: Kris Scheerlinck/ Yves Schoonjans KUL




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