Experimental Practices in Architectural Design Studio

This PhD research aims to focus on experimental practices in architectural design studios through three main processes namely, triggering concepts, extraordinary representations and reconfiguration of studio setting; and to reveal their contribution to design learning. The study claims that the combination of three processes stimulate novel forms of designing and enhance learning in architectural design studios. To propound these effects, experimental practices in European architectural design studios will be studied and a series of design studio experiments will be performed at KU Leuven and ITU. For studies, triangulation of interviews, personal observations, and published data will be used; whereas for studio experiments, participatory action research method will be practiced. The results are expected to lead a reform for design learning, modules and curriculum of architecture schools and produce new insights to this educational field.

PhD project, Zeynep Aydemir (co-prom. prof. Kris Scheerlinck, co-prom. Dr. Burak Pak, prom. Prof. Arzu Erdem)