Micro strategies for a social and sustainable re-use of fragile heritage.
This comparative, local-interactive project aims to understand, and create a better insight, how local populations of deprived area’s have appropriated fragile modest heritage in their immediate locality, to understand and explore people’s daily experiences of this at ground-level, and to use this understanding to create -with local interaction- small scale innovative and practical design strategies for future ‘social sustainable interactive urban regeneration’. Out of a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods potential micro-design strategies are formulated to explore alternative forms of heritage regeneration (adaptive reuse) and innovation. The project will work from the outset with local community, voluntary and government employees, and local universities to exchange knowledge about the local area, its problems and resources.

PhD project, Jeroen Nys (prom. prof. Yves Schoonjans, co-prom. prof. Kris Scheerlinck)