Karachi From a Distance. A New Perspective
Case of Karachi – A Hyper Transforming Mega City

Introduction to Hyper Transforming Cities and Karachi Studios by Asiya Sadiq and Martine De Maeseneer
Panel Discussion – Hyper Transforming Cities, Identified Trends and Emerging Design Needs, moderated by Martino Tattara

• Streets – More Than Just Mobility Networks – Saeedudin Ahmad – DAP- NEDUET, Karachi
• Density – To Build Up or To Build Out – Suneela Ahmad – DAP- NEDUET, Karachi
• Emerging Gender and Community Relations – Caroline Newton – KU Leuven and TUDelft
• Rooftops, Courtyards, Stairs – As Community Spaces – Marvi Mazhar, Practitioner and Scholar at GoldSmith, UK
• Social Upward Mobility and Incrementality – Rosie Romero – KU Leuven
• Nallas* – As Productive Landscape *(Open Sewerage and Rainwater Drains) – Christophe Polack – KU Leuven
• Diversity and The Need for New Public Spaces – Lilet Breddels – KU Leuven
• Informality and The Values of Incrementality, Flexibility, Adaptability – Cecilia Chiappini KU Leuven
• Passive Architectural Heritage Revival – Tania Soomro – DAP- NEDUET – Karachi

Question / Answers and Discussion

The exhibition Karachi From A Distance – A New Perspective organized at the Faculty of Architecture, Campus Brussels by Asiya Sadiq Polack, is extracting the knowledge produced over the 7 cycles of the Karachi studio and draws out the intricacies, complexities, and contextual realities of designing and executing in fast transforming contexts like Karachi. The exposition aspires to raise awareness, sensitize, and add to the knowledge on current and pertinent issues faced by Asian Mega Cities and will point out the future trends which will serve as an important, innovative, and original future reference. The exposition and accompanying book will add to the archives of the Faculty of Architecture – KU Leuven and will support the extension of the existing knowledge and expertise available on the topic. See also the video introduction to the expo.

Asiya Sadiq Polack is an architect-urbanist-academic, currently a PhD scholar and visiting lecturer at KU Leuven and running a practice with partner Christophe Polack, “Cities, Citizens and Spaces” which aspires for and promotes socially resilient projects engaging; ecology, history, social and cultural diversity, local identities, and their inherent formal/informal interfaces.

Image: Cover Page of the Publication Karachi Expo – 2021