Exhibition of Masters’ Dissertation projects

Date: 25 June 2023.   14-18h.

Location: Fortress 7, Legerstraat 40, 2610 Wilrijk.    (Free entrance).


Promotor: Gisèle Gantois

Co-Promotor: Ignacio Galán


Graduating students:  Mathias Castelyn, Elise Gaeremynck, Yentl Jehoul, Cara Jimenez Padilla, Aiken Parmar, Kate Vanhoutte, Shauni Willems.


Care-taking As Iterative Process. Entangled Natural and Cultural Histories – Hinge: the Fortress Belt of Antwerp.

An exercise about landscape futures and the challenges of change. The 19th century belt of fortresses situated south of Antwerp will serve as hinge case to enable a shift from the idea of ‘losses’ of heritage assets to a focus on their broader landscape context and the opportunities they bring.


© images: Kate Vanhoutte, Gisèle Gantois, Yiping Zhang, Ignacio Galán.